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Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Rentals


Are you a forward-looking person who has realized the need to diversify your business profits beyond your basic savings account? Look in real estate rentals. While investing in this industry is not always easy, it is one of the best ways of building your wealth over the long term, especially if you've always been an entrepreneur at heart.


Here are six solid advantages of taking this path to financial security:


Stable Cash Flow


Real estate rentals are one of the most predictable types of businesses when it comes to cash flow. If you're an entrepreneur finding your way through life's ups and downs as a start-up entrepreneur, real estate properties can help tide you over to the achievement of your financial goals.

Inflation Edge


When a loaf of bread hits en dollars apiece, what else will become as through-the-roof expensive? Everything, including property values and rentals! But one thing that will stay as is, is your fixed-rate mortgage payment. As inflation makes day-to-day living more costly, your cash flow can only go up. This is reason experts call real estate a hedge against inflation. 


Loan Repayment


If you buy a rental property with a mortgage, it will actually be your renter paying the loan off, thereby boosting your monthly net worth. With the loan paydown, your rental property from basically becomes a savings account that instantly grows without regular cash deposits. 


Tax Perks


Take note that the income you make from rental properties are exempt from self-employment tax, and that's not even the end of it. The government actually provides tax benefits, such as considerably less taxes for long-term profits and depreciation.




As the loan is being repaid, real estate value generally increases. Nobody's denying the reality of recessions. Values do rise and fall, and people can have the worst of timings when buying properties. But! With the passing of time, values also soar higher and higher. Property worth will keep increasing that whatever you're paying for today will be worth far more in a span of three decades. Know more about real estate at


Total Control


You probably decided to be in business because you want to steer your own success or failure. If you want a more profitable deal, you'll have to work hard to get it. If the competition gets tough in the rental market, you can handle it by boosting your advertising.  If values slump, you can do something to raise the value back up by improving the property. In short, you have total control of your finances, your financial future and your usually, your life. Grab this 1031 Gateway calculator link to get help.